How do you create a brand that puts people first?

The answer is simple really, by putting their needs above your own. Suncare came to VA in need of a brand refresh and a new, updated website. The website would need to connect clients to their services with minimum effort. Whilst the brand needed to convey and resonate their core offering - Care.  Both would have to have convey Suncare’s 40-year history and maintain their organisation's ethos - ‘Make People’s Lives Better’

The Site 

VA began the journey of site building as we always do - by looking at the evidence. How was the site being used? What information is valuable to browsers? And; what role does it play in the overarching business now and into the future? From there we began charting user flow and organising information by relevancy. is now a modern website that ties closely to their brand. The site provides an easy to use platform that firstly connects browsers with much-needed information and secondly nurtures users by encouraging brand engagement by providing a longer ‘user-opted’ click journey that develops brand confidence. 

We’re Not Done Yet

VA is nothing if not agile in our approach. More than a few heads in VA belong to programmers and savvy web developers, as such, we’re no strangers to agile development. You see, we believe in the permanent beta, we suggest that even a live site is an entity that should be regularly engaged with, critiqued, improved and tested just as modern businesses need to scale and adapt to meet their clients’ needs. VA considers the new to be version 0.0.9 with further iterations to be made as the business’ needs, clients’ expectations and technologies evolve - Watch this space.

The Brand Refresh

Suncare prides itself on working compassionately and genuinely. Listening to the needs of individuals, carers and family members - compassion is paramount. The brand refresh had to pay tribute to the long 40-year history of the organisation and couldn’t depart radically from the existing logo. 

VA maintained the principle elements of the existing logo but added a softer colour palette and layered elements to soften and emphasise.  As with all VA’s branding, we produce a number of variants that work well across a number of applications.

The Result

The refreshed Suncare brand and site help to create a message that doesn't pitch, shout or sell. Rather it puts the user's needs in focus and asks permission.

"How Can we help you?" replaces the usual power pitch or brand identifier on the Suncare website the logo conveys compassion and care. In tandem the unique proposition of the Suncare offering becomes immediately obvious - We are here to serve you, tell us what you need.