Sajen Legal is a Law Firm with a difference. Operating across the Sunshine Coast the firm has a developed a fierce reputation that has yeilded results for their clients without tedious compromise. Likewise, the work VA did had to reflect this ethos. 

Stepping outside of the box is actually quite difficult. All too often 'industry standard' and 'service type' disables the genuine pursuit of a new direction. So, when industry defines operation, standing out from your competitors becomes largely a price competition or the constant battle to define your service - often in a 'side-by-side' comparison. In the case of legal aid and lawyers, the status quo is seriousness, rigidity and, like all things 'law', a lingering sense of severity, it is afterall immutable and final. Sajen stand on their two feet here but there is also a genuine difference. One that VA was challenged to bring to the fore.

The Proposition

Sajen required some adherence to the traditional status quo but we were challenged to introduce key brand identifiers that were specifically aimed at breaking industry moulds. Bridge the gap between creativity & unique expression and one of the most serious professions, Law. A challenging line to walk if ever there was one. Sajen didn't ask us to do this half-heartedly or water down ideas with compromise but we did have to impress and what we presented had to make sense.

On Application

Never static, always on. The new Sajen website is easily navigable and allows glimpses into Sajen Legal's true brand. Encouraging users to wander deeper, explore more and engage more sincerely - this isn't just fact checking or price hunting, this is interacting with a brand (keep your eyes open for the Honey Badger). 

Similarly, traditional media had to encapsulate this with a continued 'offline' voice that uniformly spoke to overarching brand elements while also encouraging brand interaction. 

VA set out to increase meaningful interactions with all branding elements in order to define, develop trust. Encouraging the myriad of interactions that ultimately demonstrate a unique brand.

The Result 

An identifiably different law firm that offers exceptional industry service. What makes Sajen Legal different from other lawyers? In a nutshell, it just is and you can see that from any interaction with their brand.