From Peregian Beach to San Franciso, Atmail grew into a global email technology company.

5 years ago, a small startup team comprised of Ben Duncan and 3 developers approached The Various Artists to help with a small user interface job. They heard we were "doing good things". Today Atmail is a venture backed company with over 30 employees and is a global competitor to Google Apps and Microsoft Exchange. It was clear from the moment we began working together that our companies shared similiar values. Years later we continue to work with Atmail and have attended pitches in Singapore, San Francisco and Australia, to name a few.

The Various Artists has been involved on several revisions of the Atmail product including Atmail 5,6 & 7. We provide user experience and user interface support to their development team during each release cycle. We also designed, built and maintained their website and online presence. From it's inception, most of Atmail's advertising budget was spent online. VA planned and implemented an ongoing digital strategy along with deep analytics integration. This included search engine marketing, display advertising, email marketing, re-marketing, google analytics, custom analytics integration and executive dashboards and reporting tools.