The Various Artists

Loris Gordon


Say yes now, Google it later.

Luc Baissac


Don't believe the hype.

Sean Pringle


Stand still too long and I will automate your job.

Wayne McFetridge


Every problem has a solution. Every solution has its burdens.

Fran Johnson-Cash


Less is more.

Bevin Neil


Effective visual communication is built on purpose, functionality, creativity and an unhealthy addiction to half-strength coffee.

We help startups, new business owners and established firms distil their brand into a logo and identity.
VA offer a full service range of graphic design services. Our focus is to provide quality design at affordable rates.
We build custom websites for medium and large business. We specialise in the Drupal CMS and use an agile methodology.
Custom web applications for online saas products and internal systems.
We provide a variety of digital marketing services including SEO, search marketing, email, social and advanced analytics.
Implementation and Consultation services for Google Apps, Salesforce, Xero, and other 3rd party systems.

Our Clients